Life Together Festival


As the 1st Immigrant Solidarity Association (GDD) and Togetherness Association Life Together Festival

This festival will enrich its content with the concerts and film screenings of people from different geographies, as well as workshops and forums to be organized by friendly institutions and people, and will also provide an environment where immigrant communities living in the city can share their social and cultural values such as art, literature, cuisine and what they produce.

With this festival, it calls on all citizens, including immigrant communities, to produce together, to share what they produce and to solidarity on a platform where everyone can have a say; food cooked in our kitchen We invite you to increase the melody that touches our heart and the spirit of our togetherness.

A- Workshops and Events
Rhythm workshop for children
Hip-hop workshop for kids
Draw the city of your dreams Painting workshop
Tent Company Acrobatics show
Drama Workshop for Children
Workshops for Adults

f) Rhythm Workshop for Women (Rhythm Collective)
g) Cooking workshop (Woman to Woman Refugee Kitchen)
h) Dabke dance workshop
i) Laughter workshop

Forum / Panel
j) Question and answer in the field of health
k) Question and answer in the field of law
l) Women status during the migration process (Open to women only)
m) Mistakes about the refugees
n) City and coexistence forum

o) Country For Syria or Mood band
p) African choral