Children's Festival


Children's Festival

Immigrant children met at The festival, where many different activities took place, gave children fun moments.

Organized by the Immigrant Solidarity Association (GDD) with the cooperation of Şişli Municipality, the "Children's Festival" was held in Şişli Municipality Derviş Eroğlu Cultural Center with the participation of hundreds of immigrant children.

The association continues to bring together many immigrant families and children living in different parts of Istanbul with the events it organizes. The festival, which was organized for this purpose on Friday (January 24), drew intense interest from children coming with their families. The program flow of the festival, where many different activities took place, gave the children fun moments.

The children who met for the first time got together with fun. The activity aimed at strengthening the friendship and trust relations of children, supporting their self-awareness and self-development and skills started with the meeting game played to bring children together.

The festival continued with movements and dances. Later, many activities were held with workshops such as "Kapla Magic Boards Workshop", "Magic Keychain Workshop" and "Clay Workshop" where children had fun while experiencing their different abilities.

The event, where the meals prepared by the association were served, continued in the afternoon with the enthusiasm of the children who did not lose their energy.

One game ended and the other started In the afternoon, the event continued with 'Bird Flock', 'Collective Chess' and 'Mirroring' games, followed by 'Fish Net' and 'Circle Körebe', 'Play to Peace' events, which witnessed colorful scenes.

On the other hand, families who attended the festival with their children had fun in a different area with cultural music.

Expressing his thoughts about the festival, the Association's Project Coordinator Erhan Keleşoğlu said:

“With this event, the association primarily wanted to support the psychological development of refugee children and make them meet with creative arts activities. While doing this, she aimed to entertain their mothers as well as to create a sense of solidarity among refugee women who bear the burden of life after they had to leave their country by force. We tried to contribute partially to this. "

The event ended with the children, whose fatigue had sunk into their faces, saying goodbye to their new friends, hoping to meet at another event.