The Immigrant Solidarity Association (GDD) is a rights-based non-governmental organization established in 2016 by human rights defenders from various professional groups (Doctor, Lawyer, Social Worker, Psychologist, etc.) who have been active in the field of migration and asylum for many years. GDD; supports refugees and migrants' access to rights, regardless of their religion, political, ethnic, gender or gender orientation. GDD, which established the "Refugee Counseling and Support Center" with the partnership of Şişli Municipality and Expertise France, works to facilitate the access of refugees to health, education, access to justice and other social rights, especially public services. Migrant Solidarity Association, which was a project partnership with Welthungerhilfe (WHH), one of Germany's largest humanitarian aid organizations in 2018, continues its activities in Şişli.


* GDD conducts its activities with the principles of confidentiality, reliability, volunteerism, transparency and accountability.

* By adopting a fairness and equality approach to those applying for support; accepts without discrimination based on religion, language, ethnic origin, age, gender, sexual orientation or any social status.

* Refugees' basic human rights; It takes steps towards mobilizing primarily state resources with a rights-based approach, without any discrimination, in access to health, education, socio-economic and legal support.

* Observes gender-based sensitivities in the services provided.

* Based on the concept of solidarity, it aims to determine the needs of the group it works with and to create mutual solutions.

* Purpose of GDD; to deal with the services provided in the field of refugee with a holistic perspective. For this purpose, the Board of Directors consists of lawyers, social workers, doctors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and activists in the field of human rights.


Immigrant Solidarity Association carries out activities to support refugees in 4 main areas. In this context, within the scope of the project partnership established with Welthungerhilfe (WHH) in 2018, the services and supports provided by local administrations and public institutions for asylum seekers, refugees and migrants are accessible, as well as accommodation, hygiene, clean water, food, etc. It also works to determine the problems experienced in these issues and the needs of groups with special needs such as the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women and young children and to meet these needs.

It is one of our main objectives to create solutions that can facilitate the adaptation of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants to daily life and to establish good relations with local residents. In all our works, we organize activities that will strengthen the culture of living together, which aims to raise awareness by combating discrimination, as well as ensuring that refugee asylum seekers and migrants reach their fundamental rights.


We provide consultancy for refugees to access all kinds of health services, especially from public hospitals, and we provide interpreter support to overcome the language barrier when needed. We ensure that refugees who have a legal obstacle to benefiting from public services and / or who are in the high risk group, receive polyclinic services from hospitals that have a special protocol with our Association. We also procure drugs from pharmacies, which we have a protocol, so that the refugees who benefit from these services can buy their prescribed drugs.

Mental Health Support: We provide psycho-social consultancy services to our applicants whose needs are determined in our center.


We provide both consultancy and accompanying services in order for refugees to access their legal rights and to receive legal aid in any case process.


We are working to ensure that both children and adults can access educational services.


We carry out consultancy, guidance, accompaniment and application procedures in order for refugees to reach socio-economic rights in line with their needs.


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