The Immigrant Solidarity Association (Immigrant Solidarity Association-MSA) is a voluntary non-governmental organization dedicated to humanitarian and welfare services for migrants and asylum seekers with long experience in the fields of migration and asylum.

It was founded in 2016 by medical doctors, dentists, social workers, teachers, psychologists and lawyers.

There are currently programs in Istanbul that focus on strengthening the capacity and resilience of migrants and the host community, social cohesion and empowerment of the people. We believe that access to public services is the key to comfort and empowerment of refugees.

In 2016, MSA, in collaboration with Expert France and Şişli Municipality, established the Immigration Information and Support Center (still operating) serving more than three thousand beneficiaries within 24 months. This center provides vulnerable refugees with access to health and education services, legal and socio-economic support mechanisms with a rights-based approach. Women and LGBTI + community solidarity groups are established, regular meetings, events and trainings are organized.

MSA carried out a project titled "women's solidarity goes beyond borders" financed by GIZ between October 2018 and June 2019. This project aimed to bring together Syrian and Turkish women who are often dependent on the home environment for childcare, encouraging social interaction and strengthening the abilities and visibility of vulnerable refugee women. Together with these women, we reached pre-school children. She informed and empowered women on gender equality, Women's Health, access to the city, access to the labor market through creative drama workshops and thematic solidarity meetings.

Since September 2018, MSA has been running a joint Protection and Support Project jointly with Şişli Municipality, European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) and Welt.

Our Completed Projects

Our projects carried out and completed jointly with domestic and international connections.


Training for caregivers of refugee children with mental and intellectual disabilities (SWISS CONSULATE ISTANBUL)

Between August 2020 and February 2020, the project titled "Parent education with mentally and intellectually disabled children" is carried out with the support of the Swiss Government. Within the scope of the project, thirty refugee families receive training on the development, education and behavioral models of their children through the training module made online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Women's Solidarity Exceeds Borders

Women's Solidarity Exceeds Borders - Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

October 2018-June 2019 between the dates supported by GIZ "Women's Solidarity Limits Exceed" pre-school our projects have a child refugees and Turkish women (partly in children) defined as the target group creative drama workshops (total: 8 workshop), thematic and regular cooperation meetings ( total: 7 meetings), it was aimed to strengthen the beneficiaries in the context of gender equality. Playgroups and recreational activities have been organized for children while their parents are participating in the activities. Turkish partners also exploring aspects of women refugees and women's health, rights to live in the city, access to the labor market, aimed to inform about the psycho-social support and language capabilities. A total of 290 people participated in the events throughout the project.


“Speaking Same Language” for Women Rights of Women in Turkey from all Nations

Between January 2020-December 2021 "to speak the same language: for women's rights and women of all nationalities in Turkey" project entitled Women's Solidarity Foundation (KADAV) and are carried out together. European Union Delegation to Turkey as well as the activities supported by the project for the prevention of violence against women refugees and Turkish women are coming together creating a network targeted to their organizations.


Capacity building and IT Support for MSA activities (UN WOMEN)

Between September 2020 and January 2021, a project is carried out to improve the capacity of the association with the donation of the Japanese Government through UN Women in line with the goal of "strengthening domestic and refugee women economically and ensuring social stability". In this context, it is aimed to redesign the website of the association, to make it five languages, to renew the electronic network infrastructure and to create a customized database program.


Insurance scheme (Expertise France)

With the project "Providing access to social rights in Şişli" implemented between October 2016 and September 2018 with the support of Expertise France, it is aimed to empower Syrian and non-Syrian refugees by providing access to fundamental rights and ensuring social cohesion. During the project, our association supported refugees' access to legal, socio-economic, health and education rights. A total of 2991 beneficiaries were served within the scope of the successful project. A total of 3207 activities have been implemented to ensure that beneficiaries have access to rights. Of these activities, 1364 are related to access to health services, 652 to education, 597 to justice and 594 to socio-economic rights. In addition to referrals to public institutions and other organizations, activities have been organized within and outside our Refugee Support and Counseling Center to support the applicants psycho-socially. Women, young people and children to speak Turkish club, children will provide the learning activities with their Turkish peers studies, women's solidarity groups are some of these activities.


Expressive Therapy Project (Consulate General of Canada in Istanbul)

Between February 2019 and April 2019, with the support of the Canadian Consulate in Istanbul, the "Expressive Art Therapy and Photography Exhibition" project was carried out for refugee children. 24 children attended the workshops within the scope of the project; Photographs taken by the children after the photography classes were exhibited at the exhibition held at the History Foundation.


Holistic protection services for vulnerable refugees (ECHO, WHH – Welt Hunger Hilfe)

We manage the “compound for refugees in Ankara, Ağrı, Bilecik, Eskişehir, İstanbul, Kütahya and Van, which we run together with Welt Hunger Hilfe (WHH), Human Resource Development Foundation (İKGV) and Refugee Support Center (MÜDEM) between October 2018 and August 2020. and coordinated protection support ”project to ensure that refugees have access to appropriate social services; It is aimed to provide relevant legal, socio- economic, health and psycho-social support and counseling services to those who do not have access. A total of 1261 people have benefited from the project. Although the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Immigration has stopped recording except for exceptions since February 2018; Our association has succeeded in providing a total of 138 people with temporary protection identity. Considering the importance of identity in accessing rights, a substantial success has been achieved. Within the scope of the project, health screenings were carried out for refugees in Şişli; 82 refugees were reached in total. In addition, information meetings were held for refugees, and 84 refugees attended these meetings held in Çatalca. Again, in cooperation with the Çatalca District Governorship, public officials were given training on national and international human rights legislation on refugees; The situation in our country regarding immigration and immigrants, the responsibilities of the public administration, problems and solutions are presented from a rights-based perspective. A total of 412 public officials participated in the relevant trainings. Access to the right to health has been one of the most prominent services. In this context, a total of 547 referrals were made to public hospitals and private health institutions with which the association is contracted. Again, as a pioneering activity in the field, support services were provided to 37 pregnant women without identification during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. In the same direction, on March 6, 2020, with the participation of more than fifty representatives from public institutions, municipalities and non-governmental organizations providing services to refugees in the field of health, Workshop on Strategic Cooperation Between Sectors in Supporting Access to Access. During the project, special attention was paid to children. In addition to the complementary study activities, a children's festival (with creative workshops and developer games) was organized with the support of Şişli Municipality with the participation of 140 children and their families. In the project financed by EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO), deficiencies and needs in the field were also evaluated through monitoring reports; The findings obtained were shared with the relevant institutions and organizations. LGBTI + and women's solidarity groups organized within the scope of the project have also been the manifestation of the community-based protection approach.