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Immigrant Solidarity Association (Immigrant Solidarity Association-MSA), immigration Volunteers dedicated to humanitarian aid and welfare services for immigrants and refugees with long experience in the fields of asylum and asylum. It is a non-governmental organization.

It was founded in 2016 by medical doctors, dentists, social workers, teachers, psychologists and lawyers.

Currently, there are programs in Istanbul that focus on strengthening the capacity and resilience of immigrants and the host community, social cohesion and people's empowerment. We believe that access to public services is key to comforting and empowering refugees.

In 2016, in cooperation with MSA, Expert France and Şişli Municipality, three projects were carried out within 24 months. He established the Immigration Information and Support Center (still operating), which serves more than a thousand beneficiaries. Thanks to this center, vulnerable refugees are provided with access to health and education services and legal and socio-economic support mechanisms with a rights-based approach. Women's and LGBTI+ community solidarity groups are being established, and regular meetings, events and trainings are organised.

MSA participated in the "women's solidarity goes beyond borders" project funded by GIZ between October 2018 and June 2019. He realized a project titled: This project aims to bring together Syrian and Turkish women, who are often dependent on the home environment for child care, to both promote social interaction and strengthen the skills and visibility of vulnerable refugee women. ; It aimed to strengthen. Together with these women, we reached pre-school children. Through creative drama workshops and thematic solidarity meetings, we encourage women to work on gender equality, Women's Health, access to the city, labor force. It informed and strengthened access to the market.

MSA has been carrying out a joint protection and Support Project in partnership with Şişli Municipality, European civil Protection and humanitarian aid operations (ECHO) and Welt since September 2018.


Our Completed Projects

Our jointly carried out and completed projects with domestic and international connections.

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